All for one, and one for all.

Tomorrow will be the day of another vote, the third I will have taken part in since my 18th birthday.

This one is different however, because this vote will steer both the direction of our departure from Europe and the socio-economic culture we live in within the U.K.

In the time I have been able to vote, I have finished my sixth form education, had 2 different jobs and spent more time under the care of the NHS than I ever thought possible for a 19 year old.

In that time, all of my local GP walk in services have stopped operating, the school I attended has become an academy and now requires special improvement measures, and the living wage has risen to £7.50 an hour, a whole pound less than the actual living wage.

In 2015 my vote was different to what it is now, as I am a firm believer in taking pro’s and cons of all aspects of economy, social care, health care, housing and all other factors into consideration before making my choice on who I believe should run the country. I am not a Labour voter or Tory voter for life, I think that each period of time requires a different approach to government, but this time, I firmly believe we need to focus on the elderly, focus on the young, the working class and the people at the beating heart of this country.

Cancer patients, according to a survey by CLIC Sargent, between 18 and 25, have a 92% turn out rate for voting, because our future and our healthcare matters to us, and the NHS matters to us. We are the demographic that has one of the highest turn outs of all groups of people, because we, and I, are passionate about our futures, because we actually get to have one.

Mental health care matters so much me, as does educating the young, disability benefits, fair taxation, equality in the workplace, the creative arts, family support, elderly care, student finance, housing, policing and general socialist ideals, the list could go on. I am a big believer in being able to support and help people when you have the opportunity, in helping people who are less fortunate than ourselves. I believe in immigration and cultural diversity, as much as I believe in business and individual growth. I believe in people at the top caring for and supporting those at the bottom, so everyone goes home happier and more fulfilled.

I believe in nursing bursaries, in teachers that have a passion for their job and get paid to educate our youth. I believe in getting those out of work back into work and caring for those who don’t have the ability to. I believe in healthcare at the point of need for all, because it’s the only reason I’m alive today.

I believe in a man who stopped to hug me after I told him I was a recovering cancer patient, and thanked him for his plans to help the NHS. Even if he doesn’t take flattering selfies.

I know this blog post may not resonate with everyone, because I understand the other side of the argument, I truly do, but even if you think I’m supporting a terrorist sympathiser, I urge you to go out and vote for policies you believe in, not a party leader. Vote for a better and fairer society, as isn’t that what we all want, really?

Jaymz out.


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