Moving Forward

It’s my 21st birthday on Tuesday and I am so excited for it. I haven’t been excited for anything in almost 2 years because I have had to cancel so many plans, so to be able to be excited is the best feeling in the world. I have almost a whole week of celebration with a lot […]

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It’s human nature to compare oneself to others. No matter how hard we may try to avoid it, there is a reason that celebrity magazines do so well. We live to replicate the success of others, or in some cases, to feel better about when other people cock up (see Diane Abbott). I tar myself […]

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Life after death

Post cancer life is a very weird experience. The world takes on a whole new dynamic, and the question “what have you been up to?” becomes your worst nightmare. I used to love meeting new people, and, quite frankly, I still do, but I actually get afraid for them when they move past the small […]

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