“You provide the food, I’ll provide the perspective. Which would go nicely with a bottle of Cheval Blanc 1947.” I’m quoting Ratatouille because it’s a fantastic film about achieving your dreams, no matter how grandiose they might be.

There’s something special about illness that changes the way you envisage your life and the way that others then begin to see you.

I didn’t start to think that I wanted a massive bucket list and that I was going to complete it before I died. Rather, I just decided I would do whatever it takes to be truly happy, and to try every day to make as many people happy as I could.

I like to think of what I went through as rock bottom, and that, life could not get any worse than what it had become. Perhaps it was my life going a completely wrong direction and it took such a massive shock to put me back on track.

You see, I’m yet to figure out the road I’m on. I think that’s part of the point I’m trying to make, people in their 30’s 40’s and 50’s still have no idea what they’re doing, no idea what they want to do and are still changing jobs, careers, even going back to university. And that is totally OK. I had to realise that just because I’m not doing what I would have loved to do, and I don’t love everything I do right now, doesn’t mean I won’t love what I’m going to do eventually.

So many people are wrapped up in their past, or the future. The truth is, you can plan for your future, but really, you can’t control anything except for the moment you’re in right now. You can control how you feel about something, and you can control what actions you take about it too. The thing that a life changing illness gives you the perspective on, is that life is random, and we are all going to die. The difference is if we’re going to see the bright light and be thankful for taking those opportunities to be happy, or we’ll be full of regret for not doing the things you wish you had done.

See that friend, message the person you were meant to, give someone a compliment or even go for a run. Watch that film or better still, invite someone over to watch that film with you. Maybe even apply for that job you don’t think you’re good enough for, they might say no sure, but they might even say yes. Stop telling yourself no and just do things and have one more reason to be happy about what you did today.

You don’t need to get ill to change the way you see yourself and others, the difference is that getting unwell is a brick to the face approach, changing your perspective yourself takes willpower and time, but it can be achieved, so why not start today?

Life can be full of regrets, don’t let it be. Keep smiling.

Sunny Shrewsbury

Jaymz out.

(P.S. Gonna include a nice picture that I’ve taken each week for added flair, might as well put my photography to use!)


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