I’m sorry, this title is slightly ironic. Although, I do want to try to write a mostly happy blog post where I don’t mention my health and ailments. I’ll start this off with some positives, like the fact I went for a drink with my dad recently. Now, I don’t consider this as a massive achievement because I live […]

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So, on Friday I was involved in a car accident. Safe to say, I never thought that the glass from my rear windscreen was ever going to end up in my shoes. I also never thought I’d headbutt my steering wheel involuntarily, which, by the way, I really do not recommend. It’s been quite a […]

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All for one, and one for all.

Tomorrow will be the day of another vote, the third I will have taken part in since my 18th birthday. This one is different however, because this vote will steer both the direction of our departure from Europe and the socio-economic culture we live in within the U.K. In the time I have been able […]

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Moving Forward

It’s my 21st birthday on Tuesday and I am so excited for it. I haven’t been excited for anything in almost 2 years because I have had to cancel so many plans, so to be able to be excited is the best feeling in the world. I have almost a whole week of celebration with a lot […]

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It’s human nature to compare oneself to others. No matter how hard we may try to avoid it, there is a reason that celebrity magazines do so well. We live to replicate the success of others, or in some cases, to feel better about when other people cock up (see Diane Abbott). I tar myself […]

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Life after death

Post cancer life is a very weird experience. The world takes on a whole new dynamic, and the question “what have you been up to?” becomes your worst nightmare. I used to love meeting new people, and, quite frankly, I still do, but I actually get afraid for them when they move past the small […]

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“You provide the food, I’ll provide the perspective. Which would go nicely with a bottle of Cheval Blanc 1947.” I’m quoting Ratatouille because it’s a fantastic film about achieving your dreams, no matter how grandiose they might be. There’s something special about illness that changes the way you envisage your life and the way that […]

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A Sunny Disposition

It may seem that I don’t write happy posts, and I apologise for that. Mainly because I am reasonably happy, I just feel that the things worth writing about are not always so. I have a love hate relationship with the phrase ‘It could always be worse’. People always ask how I meander along in […]

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Death is the inevitable part of life. I have had the honour of sharing in some of the last days of people’s existence. Nobody will ever prepare you to watch those friends battle a horrible illness that will eventually take their lives. I cried for the first time in a long time today. I found […]

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The Chemolephant in the room

Oh how we fear the subject. I regularly find myself meeting new people, being an avid fan of public speaking and networking, the issue is that the question almost always pops up “…so what have you been up to?” Well, you know… cheating death. I don’t try and avoid the conversation, I realise for a […]

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